Monday : 180123

This is Crossfit

Monday : 180123

Cecilie’s daughter forgot her club shirt today. What could she wear in its place for the competition??? The «Forged in the rain»☔️ shirt ❤️

Yes !!! That’s how you know you made it. Then there is no doubt that Bryggen is cool 😎 No kid ever would pick something uncool👏🏻👏🏻

I have used the six minute «Hard core belly torture» workout as a warm up for weeks now so everybody knows it by heart. Since the main wod was only 15 minutes it gave me almost 40 minutes to practice stuff with the bar. Mainly the snatch off course.

Rowing with Tuva is popular. I peaked through the glass doors , and they looked like tired pirates trying to escape the Queens Royal Navy.

Henke had to go away on short notice. He is coaching his daughters basketball team. He sent me the workout and we chatted for a while and made sure I understood the instructions 😅 The class went well. (I think , and hope)

Simultaneously Monica was one of the lifters in the «just lift together» class. I don’t think the two girls that bought «The summer offer» realized how good of a deal it turned out to be» Getting coached in the deadlift by a world champion is usually not something you get for 800 kroner. More likely you go to Spain. Pay 7500,- for the training camp and 7500,- for the plain tickets ….. and then … you get to hang out with the champion 😆