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Monday : Sharing is caring

The Open is dead, Long live the Open!

I’m glad it’s over.

Five weeks of competition is too much but I understand the selection to the upper level (Regionals, Games) takes time and that we can’t have all our movements and standards in three workouts. The more we have wods the more the selection is accurate.

Having the five Open workouts in classes Friday was very challenging and stressful.

We can always say it could have been better organized and we fought with Snorre about having them, but at the end it was a success!

I’m proud we made it.

I’m proud it gave to some the feeling of what is the Open and that it is not something for the «strong ones» only.

I have to congratulate each of you who participated and gave your best as athletes but also as judges.

We had once again some great moments as first Muscle up for Elin & Elise, first HSPU for Mia, Luise & Renate, first Chest to bar for Martine & Renate (again her!), new personal records on Cleans like for Stian if I’m correct and great results in general (sorry if I don’t have your name in minds).

I know the real competitors are not completely satisfied but keep being positive because if you look back you are stronger, faster than before.

Big up by Gabor. He showed us a solid level of fitness even thought he is still very careful about what he has to do or can do since he is back from injury. A model to follow.

Competition is great but health/security should come first no matter what.

So now the chapter Open 2018 is closed and we can go back to normal training, routine, practice and fun.

Today’s wod was kind of a Christmas workout with lots of stuff to do. Seemed long to finish but the fastest needed around 15 minutes at the end.

So much movements and equipments involved that CF Bryggen looked a little bit like a zoo!

Then at 19, Henke had his Kettlebell Class, the last one before one week off. And today he had a special guest : his daughter.