Måned: februar 2018

This is Crossfit

Friday: EMOM15 & AMRAP8

Lise works out a lot. She does not have a Tinder account, but she has a big tattoo. Lise is cool 😎, be like Lise Kampen mot tynne armer fortsetter. Mulig det må bicepscurles mer etter stengetid 😳 The tavle

Thursday: Let’s dance

Today we had to lay hodet på skakke and toughen the fuck up for seven rounds. Not that often we have 50 minutes wods 😫 Snorre applied for hosting Level 1 Seminar at the box. Hope we get it. It’s good fun seeing the pros at work. Thierry and Elizabeth had a good day at…
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Wednesday : EMOM Hang Squat Snatch + « We don’t walk, we fly »

Love is in the air at CrossFit Bryggen for Valentine day. ❤️ Some couples hang around some others just hang. Snorre will start phase 2 of his strength program with his new barbell equipment. People going out tonight other staying home with their half. Today’s workout was dedicated to Snatch and its declination. First part…
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Tirsdag: 17.2 «Løfting med Lee» + «Fødeavdelingen» med Dr. Gabor

Før crossfit slo igjennom ble det solgt 25 par løftesko i året på verdensbasis. Når NM i vektløfting gikk samtidig som fem-mila i Kollen gadd ikke engang foreldrene forlate sofaen for å se avkommet konkurrere. I styrkekøften var det enda verre. Der gadd ikke engang løfterne stille. Nå har det derimot blitt en helt annen…
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Monday : Shoulder Press and EMOM 10 Push Jerk & Double Unders

I like Friday. The week is behind you and you will finally relax or go out with friends. Unfortunately today is Monday and I’m eating something called «Gamalost frå Vik». Something that looks and tastes like the rotten foot of a corpse. Still not sure if I like it. Saturday 24/02 we will have a…
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Saturday : Bring A Friend & Competitors Class

We love Saturday at the pier. Lot of people come for a cool workout and some actually bring someone who never tried CrossFit before. Mia and Sofie had their first ever Crossfit class together, and they did awesome! Generally our new members are really keen on sharing their first steps experience with their friends. They…
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Friday : Front Squat & Open 14.3

Today was the last day of Front Squat in our strength program. We decided to take away 2 sessions as most of you are tired (physically and mentally). But the results are here. I received messages from some persons saying that they are happy as they improved their max. Monday will be the last day…
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Thursday: Team two!

Today i went down to Hurtigruten for the dugnad. My tires did not squirt or anything like that. It was good fun carrying the heavy bottles. I usually think stuff I have never done before is fun. Since they gave us free pizza afterwards , I had to prioritize eating for as long as possible.…
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Wednesday: Death by …

Henke posted a challenge today. We tried the easy version during the warm up. Jack did well 🙂 «Sprint training with Lena» , without Lena today. Tomorrow at 15.00 we are going to carry the gas bottles at Hurtigruten agsin. It’s good fun. Good training. A chance to see the boat. And … free pizza…
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Tirsdag: Open 17.1

På lørdag løftet Monica stevne. Etter 153 kg i knebøy ble hun litt Michael Jackson i bakbeina 🙂 På 17.1 var det Zoraia sin tur til å ligne litt på en superstjerne 🙂 Gabor kjørte fangehull-mobility. Det var populært 🙂 The tavle 🙂