Måned: oktober 2017

This is Crossfit

Tuesday: “Pink diamond”

The pink diamond was made many years ago. I was trying to flirt with a girl, and she said a pink diamond would help 😳 Guess I did not have any chance there😂😂😂 , but I made her a wod. One that nobody could do better than her. I was right. She beat everybody that…
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Søndag: Sniktrening

Det var en gang søndag var den perfekte dagen å sniktrene på. Den tiden er forbi. Ungdommen har tydeligvis sluttet med overdreven fyll og hor i helgene. De trener på Bryggen isteden. Trist men sant. Oda fikk hjelp av Sara til å kippe. I mellomtiden så jeg på snap at ting ikke gikk like bra…
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Saturday: Beginners!

Lots of beginners this Saturday. First we had “bring a friend” That’s when we trick our friend to join a “fun and easy” workout, but in reality try to kill them. After that The ghost that walks had is famous beginners course. Nobody knows what he is talking about. Not even himself. Tina “the machina…
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Fredag: Vasking

I dag kom Bettine hjem fra militæret. Det så faktisk ut som hun hadde vært i krigen. Chona kom ned for å henge litt ut , og spionere på konkurrentene 😜 Mai er en flink liten vektløfter. Sara vasket litt ekstra, så ikke Thierry skulle sende henne til den øyen 😫

Thursday: “Make it double”

The double-under is hated and loved. It’s a trick. Learn the trick and look cool 😎Struggle with it, and hate the rope more than your mother in law. Per and the comp/invictus/“the golden program” gang gave it all. So did Monica. She broke the double under code, after five years !!! , and was happy…
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Wednesday: Up side down ¡

There are many things that gets in the way for a strict handstand push up. It’s just half a press, since the head hits the floor half way down, but the upper body strength needs to be in place. A boy should be able to grab a bar and strict press his own weight. (70%…
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Tirsdag : «SKAM»

Mandag : Vektløfting

Jeg er klar over at moren din og den ubrukelige iTrain broren din tror at vektløfting er det samme som « å løfte vekter» Derfor skriver jeg alltid Olympisk Vektløfting i håp om at de uopplyste skal skjønne jeg snakker om noe annet. Det hjelper litt. Men så fort jeg nevner styrkeløft så er forvirringen…
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Sunday funday

Today we had another bring a friend class, and again…FULL CLASS😁👍🏽 pretty cool to se so many people want to train on sundays as well!  No pictures during the workout, was too busy. 😜 workout was harder than what people was expecting, but everyone finished strong! 💪🏽 Don’t forget that we also have YOGA with…
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3x Bring A friend

Today we had 3 BAF classes, ALL FULL! It was great, it was a 20min amrap with loads of different movements and sections. The Police girls keep fit to protect the streets of Bergen! Thanks 💪🏽👍🏽 Thor had competitors class, it was a though one!  Well done everyone!