Måned: januar 2012

This is Crossfit

Tusen takk til Tanja, Jon og Garlid som hjalp til å vaske hele boksen !

The washing crew ( Anders Garlid in the middle )

Sunday …

Fun light day. Tabata this, and tabata that :)

The Heavy wod gang !

Dave the mean machine!

  Diane was on the menu today. Wednesday….Named workout day. Deads and Handstand push ups. 21/15/9    102,5/70kg Everybody did really well. Bra jobbet folkens! BUSY BUSY BUSY!! Good times!  

Dagens WOD 3 Rounds: 100 DU / 300 SI 10 Clean & Jerk 60/40kg 5 Wallwalks   Great results today guys! Need to work on those double unders!! Remember you can NOT bring friends to the workouts! They can start with the beginners classes and then with the fundamental classes before people can join WOD’s.…
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WarmUP Choose one 500 m run 500 m row 50 Dbl unders + warm up for the upcoming movements WOD 21 Kettlebell Windmill (right) 24/16 kg 100 Flutterkicks (count each right leg up) 21 Kettlebell Overhead Squats (left) 16/12 kg 50 Push ups (Hand released) 21 Kettlebell Overhead Squats (right) 16/12 kg 100 Flutterkicks 21…
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Mikus did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 Muscle Up

Anders showing how a deck squat is done.

News Flash

Update: Warnings will be given to people not coming to classes when signed up. 2 warnings and you will not be able to sign up for 2 weeks. We have to fix this problem some how…. full classes booked and half turn up??? So many more people can come!! So get your shit together people…
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