“66 Problems – but my capacity ain’t one!”
In teams of 2 for time:

– part I –
66 KB Swings 32 kg / 24 kg
66 Sprawls

– part II –
66 Jumping Squats 35 kg / 20 kg
66 Push-Presses 60 kg / 35 kg

–part III –
66 Pull-ups with clap / regular

Each part must be completed by the team before they can move on to the next part. Both members can work AT THE SAME TIME with the same movement OR the other movement in that particular part. In other words you might want to have 2 bars of each weight and two KBs in case you both want to work on it on the same time. In the last part both members can do pull-ups at the same time. 66 reps in total for the team.

See movie below for movement standards. Here is some key-points.
KBS = Full ROM
Sprawl = Hips in ground, full ext at top
Jumping squat = Full ROM and feet must be elevated from the ground
Push-Press: Push-Press and NOT a jerk, ie. no rebending in the knees!
Pullups: Clapping = hands touch. Regular = chin above vertical plane of the pull-up bar


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